2012 New York Comic Con

The 2012 New York Comic Con has come and gone.  It was a fun-filled busy 4-day weekend full of both work and play.  I got to connect with a lot of old friends and also made several new ones.

A lot my time was spent helping out Brian Haberlin at his booth promoting the debut of his new graphic novel, ANOMALY.  Toting the title of being the longest original full-color graphic novel ever, it’s truly quite epic.  It features amazing art by Haberlin and the unbelievably talented (and extremely cool) Geirrod Van Dyke. You can check it out here: http://www.experienceanomaly.com/

So I wore chucks to the con.  That was a really bad call.  Considering how much walking was done, I should have worn something more comfortable than trying to look cool.  My feet were killing me by Sunday night.

I took a handful of pictures that can be found on my Instagram/Twitter.

As usual at these things, there are plenty of cool booths and spectacles to check out.  One that really impressed me was The Heroes of the World booth.  These fellas created some comics that features many different Super Heroes from around the world.  I respect anyone who does their part in erasing those imaginary squiggly lines and help bring us all together as One World.  I had to get a shirt and show my support.  You can check them out here: http://theheroesoftheworld.com

A big highlight for me was randomly bumping into WWE Pro Wrestler, Zack Ryder while strolling around Times Square.  I’m a big fan of Ryder and his clever youtube show.  He even re-tweeted my instagram of us. Super-cool dude. Big ups.


All in all, it was a great time.  The thing that I got the most out of New York Comic Con was the desire to step my game up.  Being around such immensely talented artists and creators does that to me.

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