Shahnameh For Kids

In honor of Ferdowsi Day today, I have officially launched the Shahnameh For Kids Kickstarter campaign!

Inspired by Ferdowsi’s Epic Poem, The Shahnameh, this full color illustrated children’s book tells the classic tale of Zal, who was born with skin and hair white as snow. Because of his unusual appearance, Zal is abandoned as a newborn by his father at the foot of a mountain, but only to be discovered by the mystical and mythical giant bird known as Simorgh.

As many of you already know, this has been a project that I have been working diligently on for several years now. I put a lot of my heart and soul into this book. It was not only a project of passion for me, but I also felt an immense sense of duty in bringing it out there and educating the world to what TRUE Iranian Identity and culture is.

Endless hours of research as well as hands-on fieldwork in the motherland were put into this to make sure that real Iranian culture was properly presented, which is something that is rarely ever done in mainstream outlets. Mike Amante did a stellar job in utilizing my character designs, thumbnails and page layouts and taking them to the next level. I am very happy with how the book turned out.

There are lots of awesome rewards packages like Limited Edition Prints, Posters and other cool stuff as well as a free Educational Teaching Guide and Kids Activities Kit.

And also, from the bottom of my heart, I’d like to personally thank Joe Carabeo of Astray Productions for his help in making the slick-looking promotional video. And thank you to Carolyn Belefski & Ryan Nichols for their practical advice. And a big thanks to the talented André Araújo, Yasmine Taherbeigi, and Genzoman for their amazing art for use as the Limited Edition Print rewards. Much love. And thank you to absolutely everyone who had faith in me and showed support along the way.

So please check it out!  Any kind of support for the project is appreciated!


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