New Shahnameh For Kids books!

So I’m doing a Kickstarter campaign to help get funding and support for new Shahnameh For Kids books  featuring the adventures of the mighty pahlavan, Rostam.  To be subsequently a book about the bravery of the female Iranian warrior, Gordafarid.

Kickstarter is an online website/app that helps crowdfund new creative projects through pledges and rewards packages.

For the Shahnameh For Kids Kickstarter, there are several different exclusive rewards packages to choose from.  You can get the books, sticker sheets, limited edition art prints with depictions of Kayumars, Hooshang or Kaveh the Blacksmith.   There is even a rewards package where you or a loved one can be drawn as a character in the new books!

Anyone who appreciates the rich culture and heritage of Iran knows how special Ferdowsi and The Shahnameh is.  Which is exactly why it is important to preserve it as best we can.  What better way to present to the world what Iranian culture and mythology is by supporting and creating Shahnameh For Kids books?   Right now is the time for a strong hero like Rostam as well as a role-model of empowerment like Gordafarid for girls.

If you would like to support the new Shahnameh For Kids books, click here.

You can login using Facebook on Kickstarter.  It is safe and easy.  You can then choose from any of the Shahnameh For Kids rewards packages you may like.

Don’t forget Kickstarter is an “all or nothing” thing.  The project must meet the goal in order for the books to be funded and created.  We only have a few weeks to reach our goal so let’s all do our part to make this dream a reality!

Please support today and share with friends.  Hurry, because the deadline for support and pre-orders ends on May 3rd 2017.

Thank you!


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