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  1. tariq habib says:

    Hi Arsia,
    I commend and thank you for writing the 7 things we didn’t know about Khashayaar aka Xerxes.
    The west has portrayed him so evilly and you have provided some thoughtful insights.
    Do let me know if you ever visit Toronto.

  2. Heather Goodwin says:

    Hi Mr. Rozegar,
    I was searching info on Cyrus the Great and came across your article which I found so interesting and well written. I am a Christian (personal belief in Jesus) and the prophecy concerning Cyrus is one of my favorite passages in the Bible (Isaiah 40 – 45). It always amazes me that Isaiah predicted God would raise up Cyrus to deliver the people of Israel from Babylonian exile at least 130 years before Cyrus became king. Even Cyrus’s name was given. Only the God of Israel could bring about such amazing events. It would be wonderful if the leader of Iran and other leaders today had the same human rights views towards their own people as well as of other nations as did Cyrus. I can see why you treasure his accomplishments as an Iranian. God Bless!

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